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Prepped and Ready

No matter where you are, you should not be worried about your place in Florida. Coming down soon? Then let the beach lifestyle begin - you don't have to spend time getting your place ready - we got it. 

Heading South?

We love the sunshine, warmth, and local outdoor events that happens while the snow piles up for our neighbors to the north. Once you get here, your place can be ready for you to start enjoying! Just $75 to come home to the following:

  • Open blinds, set HVAC system to comfy, and return trash containers to their 'active' post. 
  • Turn on the ice-maker
  • Set fridge temp to cooler setting
  • Turn on water main to the house and water heater breaker
  • Dust, sweep, vacuuming - a basic cleaning to welcome you to a great start in paradise.

Welcome Home Options

Add $25, plus the cost of groceries, and we will stock your fridge, liquor cabinet and pantry. We have a basic check list so that things like paper towels or toothpaste are not forgotton.

Heading North?

We make sure your place is prepared for an extended absence. It's just $75 to take care of the basics:

  • Empty perishables from the refrigerator
  • Empty, clean, and turn off ice-maker
  • Empty and/or seal non-perishable pantry food or drop off for local food bank 
  • Set fridge temp to warmer setting
  • Turn off water main to the house and water heater breaker
  • Close blinds, set HVAC system to away settings, bring in outside containers and check security of doors and windows.  

Summertime Blues

 Heat, humidity and hurricanes - that's summer in Florida. Storm prep and checks are $35 if you have already signed up for a weekly home checks. There is no additional charge for post storm damage checks. Should you have additional storm prep or special circumstances, we can chat. 


  • Hurricane/tropical storm warning: We will send you a notice, and then take pictures of the property, inside and out, before and after the storm. 
  • Electronic hurricane shutters will be engaged prior to a tropical storm.

There's More...

If we've missed something that you would like taken care of while you're away, let us know. These are a few of the additional tasks we handle:

  • Key storage and release for contractors to the home. $50 annual fee, plus $25 for each occasion of releasing the key/opening the property for contractors, etc.

Healthy Home Checks



Exterior and interior spot checks mean that your home looks occupied and cared for. We pick up flyers, check for water leaks, tripped breakers, and evidence of mold or pests.

$175 per month

Twice each Month


In addition to the interior and exterior checks during all home visits, we're not afraid to tackle a "what's that smell" situation and keep your home fresh and spot the unusual ASAP.

$100 per month



You may live in a low maintenance condo or community and worry less about issues that may occur. We can help you avoid unexpected or costly surprises - go worry free instead. 

$65 per month

Our Promise

We will treat your home and belongings with the highest regard for your security and preservation of property. We will keep all information private and confidential, and we will never sell or make your property or information available to others without your prior consent and direction.

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