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The Benefits of Asking Spot

  • A walk catered to your dog’s age and energy level.
  • Undivided attention; only dogs in the same household to be walked together.
  • Treat or meal time – your preference.
  • Water bowls emptied and refilled with fresh, clean water
  • Waste pickup with our biodegradable bags.
  • Per visit check-in of your choice: written note, email with photo, or text with photo.

Complimentary Meet and Greet

Your pet doesn’t like surprises so we will come for a visit and spend a little time with you and your furry friend. This will also be the time to gather instructions information and collect two keys, unless you have a touchpad or other door code. One key is for the pet sitter, the other is kept in a safe place should anything happen to your sitter, your pet will be cared for. You would be notified in any event.

Pet Care and Walking Hours

9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week. Includes refreshing food and water bowls, treats if requested, and waste pick up on walks. 

  • 1 hour walk and care time, $50
  • Add $10 for walks between 6-9 am or 6-9 pm, unless it is included with a scheduled overnight stay.
  • Add $10 per pet if more than 2
  • Add $10 on holidays per hour

Kitty Kat Kuddles

  • $50 per daily visit, up to 3 cats for 1 hour. Add $3 for each additional cat.
  • Food dish fill up, fresh water refill, and litter box scoop out.
  • 20-minute cuddle and play time, unless the cat is hiding under the bed!

Pet Slumber Parties at Your Place

Keep your pet in familiar surroundings. We will stay overnight with them - and even let them on the bed if that's their usual routine. 

  • $150 per night (12 hours). Add $50 per night during holidays.  
  • Treats/dinner and fresh water
  • Bathroom breaks as needed during the night
  • Litter boxes cleaned
  • Playtime, brushing or belly rubs
  • Bring in mail, newspapers
  • Water plants (upon request)
  • Set out and return trash cans for collection day
  • Lights turned on/off, blinds rotated
  • Your choice of daily text or email

Vet, Groomer or Supply Runs

  • $50 per vet or groomer visit, plus $2 per mile, one way or round trip.
  • $50 errand charge per trip, plus $2 per mile, to shop for your pet's favorite food, treats, litter, etc. We will deliver right to your door.
  • Add $10 per hour for less than 3 day's notice.

Pet Info Form

The important stuff you'll want us to know about your pet.

Our Promise

We will treat your pet with the same care and love that we treat our own, and we will follow your directions to provide as much consistency as possible for your dog or cat. Our staff is made up of pet lovers, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Asking Spot

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